Power on Demand

Providing solar power on demand – up to 24/7!


Cost competitive to fossil fuels!


Perfectly adjustable to customers’ needs!

eco friendly

Emission free energy with low water use!


FRENELL’s direct molten salt technology DMS® with integrated thermal energy storage features base load power characteristics. It decouples solar energy collection from power production. The sun’s energy is converted to high temperature thermal energy which is stored in molten salt tanks. These tanks are discharged when the sun does not shine – delivering clean electricity around the clock.

FRENELL`S DMS® technology can balance volatile power production from wind and photovoltaics and stabilize the grid when the sun does not shine or the wind does not blow.
Charging the Thermal Energy Storage during the day and discharging at night or during cloudy weather enables FRENELL´s CSP technology to deliver baseload power, just like conventional fossil fueled power plants.
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FRENELL is already capable to compete with conventional generated power and process heat. Independent from volatile fossil fuel prices, FRENELL provides price stable and predictable power supply. Regarding cost of electricity or thermal energy FRENELL’s system beats any other CSP technology as well as Photovoltaics with battery storage.

FRENELL can compete with conventional power production even under consideration of lowest prices for oil and gas as well as high plant efficiencies.
Taking into account recently signed Power Purchase Agreements and published industry outlooks for CSP, FRENELL´s Levelized Costs of Electricity (LCOE) are lower than other CSP technologies such as Parabolic Trough and Power Tower.
Current scenarios for photovoltaics combined with latest battery technology reveal costs for large scale applications that are still more than 4 times higher than the FRENELL offer.


FRENELL’s DMS® technology is designed as a modular system. This reduces engineering and fabrication costs while serving various applications at a wide range of scale. FRENELL thereby achieves highly competitive costs even for small scale applications – going from less than ten up to several hundred megawatt. It’s just more of the same!
The number of standardized solar collector loops is easily adjusted to the required heat output.
The storage capacity of FRENELL’s Multi Tank System can be customized easily by varying the number of standardized sub-tanks.

Eco Friendly

Besides generating CO2 free energy on global scale FRENELL’s CSP technology keeps the local environmental impact at a minimum. Both the materials for the construction and the thermal fluid are non-hazardous and can be recycled after the plants life-cycle. Regarding wild life, the solar concentration is not high enough to harm bird life while the extremely low soil sealing does not disturb the habitat of ground living animals.
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Linear Fresnel collectors are characterized by an extraordinary high land use factor which is calculated as aperture area divided by total required land. This means that up to 65% of the project site area is densely covered by primary reflectors. As a result, FRENELL DMS® delivers the highest energy yield of a specific project area of all CSP technologies.
As CSP plants are typically installed in arid regions around the earth’s sunbelt, their water consumption is a major criterion regarding sustainability.
FRENELL’s technology ensures the lowest water consumption through the use of air cooled condensers (instead of wet cooled cooling towers) and its patented cleaning system.
The FRENELL collector can be erected on hilly sites with a gradient of up to 5%. It uses slim screw pile foundations and does not require bulk concrete foundations. This minimizes the degree of earthworks and avoids ground sealing.