Core Technologies

Solar Field

Linear Fresnel Technology!

Thermal Energy Storage

24/7 thermal energy availability on demand!

Control System

In-house DCS development!

Cleaning System

Fully automated cleaning by robots!

Solar Collector

FRENELL offers a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology based on Linear Fresnel collector principle. Parallel rows of flat mirrors are mounted onto a sheet metal base structure. These lines reflect direct solar radiation onto a stationary receiver unit. Molten salt is pumped through the absorber tube and heated up to 550°C by the sun’s concentrated energy. The heat is transferred from the solar field to a Thermal Energy Storage system.
FRENELL established automotive manufacturing techniques to produce its primary reflectors and receivers in large volumes in fully automated in-house production lines with 100% quality control. The manufacturing facilities are mobile, to realize on-site production – minimizing transportation cost and increasing local content.
The lightweight framework consists of standard steel elements with clinched and bolted connections. Modularity allows cost competitive small scale applications and high land use efficiency.
Operation until 20m/s wind velocity due to low wind susceptibility. Closed control loop for tracking with 2 motors per base module. Lubricant free bearings for harsh environments. Jointless pipe expansion unit.
Integrated automated cleaning systems with lowest water consumption.

Thermal Energy Storage

FRENELL delivers Thermal Energy Storage multi-tank system with molten salt as storage medium. This medium is also used as heat transfer fluid in the solar field and is directly guided to the storage tanks. Solar generated thermal energy can be stored during day time for dispatchable energy 24/7.
Tanks are standardized and shop-fabricated.
Number of tanks is adjusted according to customers’ needs. Storage capacity can subsequently be upgraded.
No active gas handling system is required to maintain long term salt properties.

Control System

The FRENELL control system was developed in-house developed and is based on standardized industrial automation components. It can be integrated easily into any power plant DCS system, as successfully realized within the Puerto Errado 2 project. It provides real time monitoring of process values and performance. Thereby the FRENELL Single Push Button Principle provides fully automated operation.
Including the flexible and well proven solar field controller, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and automated data logging & reporting system.
Precise and safe control of single mirror control units, including permanent monitoring for safety related process values.
Highly automated sequences for solar field control. A constant fluid outlet temperature is guaranteed by an optimized flow control, processing real time weather data.
Easy to integrate in any state of the art power plant Distributed Control System (DCS).
Web interface for remote real time status overview of relevant process and performance data.
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Cleaning Systems

FRENELL offers integrated cleaning systems for both the Primary Reflectors and also the Receiver unit to facilitate uninterruptible daily operation in harsh desert environments. Very low water consumption and low labour intensity allow daily cleaning cycles of the primary reflectors – ensuring the highest levels of cleanliness and efficiency over the lifetime of the solar field. Furthermore, FRENELL offers an integral water-free Receiver cleaning system, which drastically reduces soiling of the optical components to maintain the maximum optical performance.
In addition, both cleaning vehicles can be equipped with monitoring kits in order to check the cleanliness of the reflectors and the vacuum quality of the absorber tubes, facilitating a precise and continuous status report even for large solar fields.
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Through FRENELL’s solar collector design with 16 parallel lines of flat mirrors, the Primary mirror cleaning system is able to operate fully automated at minimum operational costs – cleaning 500 m² per run.
Its patented cleaning systems allows maintaining a maximum level of reflectivity. The high level of automation allows very high cleaning frequencies at low operation cost.
FRENELL offers a cleaning technology with the lowest water consumption within CSP, of only 8 ml per m² primary reflector.
The holistic integrated receiver cleaning system allows automatic cleaning of absorber tubes and secondary reflectors.
FRENELL delivers its cleaning systems with an advanced reflectivity monitoring program to track cleanliness and forecast solar field performance. Additionally, the receiver vehicle can be equipped with a monitoring kit to check the vacuum quality of the absorber tube for a continuous status report.
FRENELL has long term experience in engineering, assembling and operating its proprietary developed cleaning system. It provides 5 years of experience in successful commercial operation.