FRENELL has been working on its cost-effective, robust CSP technology continuously and fully focused for more than 15 years

AI-based design for futureproof power plants

In the planning phase, we make use of AI-based algorithms to determine the most economical medium and long-term solar power plant configuration for each individual location. In so doing, we calculate economically and meteorologically varying boundary conditions, specific to the location, in order to ensure that tomorrow’s power plant requirements are taken into account in the power plant planning that we are doing today.

Depth of manufacture and availability

Our high level of in-house production of key components means that we are largely independent of supply bottlenecks and can guarantee consistently high quality collector arrays.

Turnkey – our expertise, our job

When it comes to assembling collectors, precision is essential. So that nothing is ever left to chance, FRENELL uses its own personnel together with quality assurance tools and methods that we have developed ourselves. Construction progress monitoring is therefore a by-product of smooth, daily quality monitoring of each individual assembly step.

Networked – spot market-focused power plant control

Each day, FRENELL’s solar power plant control technology uses current spot market price information and weather forecasts to independently calculate the yield-optimised power generation curve for the next day, and adjusts the output of the power plant fully automatically.

For optimal yields and maximum benefit.

FRENELL – for a reliable and sustainable investment in solar power plants, from the first idea to long term plant operation

FRENELL – management

The founders and managing directors at FRENELL have been a part of the success and continuous development of the company for more than 15 years. An interdisciplinary team of power plant engineers, series manufacture specialists, buyers and financial specialists together form the platform for success. Flat hierarchies, a consistent customer focus, Kanban-oriented project management and a partnership-based relationship with all project stakeholders are the central values and guiding principles of the company.