Unsurpassed expertise along the value chain

FRENELL supports project developers, general contractors, investors and users with the realisation and operation of their CSP projects. We are an experienced and pro-active team player, here to help with development and structuring of the entire project, from the idea through to operation. FRENELL takes responsibility for the key components of CSP power plants by looking after the planning, engineering, turnkey construction and operation of the solar array. We thereby make it easier for general contractors and investors to make the switch from the traditional fossil fuel power plant business to the growing CSP market.

Project development – ensuring the right boundary conditions

FRENELL develops solar projects in selected target markets both independently and in collaboration with local project developers.


  • Identification of suitable locations
  • Layout planning of CSP power plants
  • Machine learning-based design of CSP power plants and CSP-PV hybrid power plants
  • Location-specific energy yield calculations
  • Development of project financing models – economic sensitivity analyses
  • Technical support for approval planning
  • Development of technical specifications and tender documents
  • Identification and pre-qualification of suitable general contractors
  • Development and negotiation of EPC contracts

Turnkey construction – reliably attaining target performance

When constructing CSP power plants, FRENELL takes full responsibility for all planning, procurement and the preliminary/final assembly of solar arrays. To do this, we rely on quality assurance processes that have been meticulously honed over many years, and ensure high quality completion to the agreed schedule. Our fully automatic solar array control system minimises the integration effort and operating costs of the solar array in interaction with the power plant control technology.

Construction services

  • Solar array planning and engineering
  • Series manufacture of key components for FRENELL solar arrays
  • Turnkey assembly of solar arrays
  • Construction progress monitoring based on 4D Building Information Management (BIM) systems
  • Fully automatic solar array control
  • Commissioning
  • Performance verification

Technical operations management – for high availability and a lengthy service life

The complexity of CSP power plants is similar to that of fossil fuel power plants, requiring highly competent, experienced, technical operations management. We support the owners of FRENELL solar power plants with expertise in the technical operation of energy generation systems and CSP power plants that goes back more than 20 years.


  • Development of operations management, maintenance and budget plans
  • Provision of qualified operations management personnel
  • Performance monitoring – ongoing comparison of the actual electricity yield with the target values based on the performance guarantees agreed by the general contractor
  • 24-hour deployment planning and yield-optimised load profile control of the power plant
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Reactive maintenance

Realising innovation together to jointly advance sustainability