Our projects – our worldwide presence

Bilancia Project – under construction

End of 2021 FRENELL closed financing of its CSP power plant project Bilancia 1 with the Swiss energy supplier EBL ( and Swiss Life Management ( The 4 MW CSP power plant project, located in Sicily, is based on FRENELL's direct molten salt-CSP technology including 15 full load hours energy storage capacity.

With Bilancia 1, FRENELL consolidates its success in developing and building storage-based CSP power plants. FRENELL's decision to locate its serial production of solar field components in Sicily contributes for the creation of new, high-skill jobs and the diversication of Sicily´s economy.

SolInPar – 4 MW FRENELL CSP power plant with 15-hour energy storage tank

FRENELL has been appointed as turnkey supplier for a solar field based on its Direct Molten Salt technology at the CSP Plant SolInPar, located in Italy, Sicily. The SolInPar Plant has a capacity of 4.2 MW electric and is equipped with a molten salt storage system with a capacity of 15 hours. The design temperature of the molten salt is 550 °C. The power plant was synchronized to the grid in summer 2021.

PE2 – 30 MW FRENELL power plant in southern Spain

In 2010, FRENELL closed financing for its 30 MW PE2 solar power plant. FRENELL attracted a group of Swiss utilities, led by EBL (Electra Basel Land) as equity providers and acted as single head EPC contractor for the turnkey installation of the Plant. Following completion and handover in 2012, FRENELL assumed operation and maintenance of the power plant for further three years. The use of air cooled condensers to minimise the water consumption of CSP power plants and the omission of natural gas co-firing are unique features till today.

Nowadays PE2 looks back on10 years uninterrupted power generation at a constantly high level of performance.

LIDDELL – solar steam integration into a coal-fired power station

In August 2010, FRENELL won a competitive EPC tender process for the construction and integration of a turnkey solar field into the Liddell coal-fired power station located in New South Wales, Australia. The aim of the project was to use solar-generated steam to reduce the carbon footprint of the plant. The solar field was successfully handed over to the customer in May 2012.

PE1 – first direct steam generating CSP plant

In 2009 FRENELL commissioned its PE1 power plant, located in Spain, with an electrical capacity of 1.4 MW. The purpose of the power plant was to demonstrate for the first time the direct solar steam generation in a CSP plant. Permitting, engineering, procurement and construction of the plant were carried out by FRENELL; along with the day by day plant operation and maintenance. PE1 continued to serve as test and demonstration plant for all further technology development steps by FRENELL including direct generation of superheated steam up to 550°C and the use of molten salts as heat transfer fluid inside the solar receiver.

The development program of FRENELL´s Direct Molten Salt technology was successfully completed in 2015, after 4 years of thorough field tests of all relevant aspects of design and operation.