Providing emission free electricity around the clock!


Providing potable water by the limitless resources of sea and sun!


Increasing the extraction rate of crude oil from oil fields!

Power Generation

FRENELL’s technology competes with fossil-fuel power plants in regions with high solar irradiation. The capability of providing Thermal Energy Storage leads to high capacity factors and grid parity which is of prime importance for energy providers and major industrial consumers. Therefore, FRENELL’s technology can provide base load electricity and demand-responsive power input. The technology can be used in greenfield projects as well as to extend new or existing fossil-fired power stations.


Access to freshwater is vital for human development. In more and more regions of the world, an adequate supply of this precious resource is becoming increasingly challenging. FRENELL DMS® is paving the way for a sustainable source of freshwater.

FRENELL’s DMS® technology can be paired with a desalination solution based on the Multi-effect Distillation (MED) process for the treatment of sea and brackish water. The MED process is characterized by very low energy consumption compared with other thermal processes and is highly reliable and simple to operate. It can be run continuously for up to 24-hour-a-day with minimum operations and maintenance activities or supervision.

Even more value can be added in a cogeneration set-up where the MED process replaces the air cooled condenser in the power application.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is a widely used process to increase crude oil extraction of matured oil fields. It is an energy intensive process which mostly uses natural gas to produce steam to be injected in the well.
Instead, FRENELL DMS® Solar EOR uses solar energy to produce steam, eliminating emissions and conserving natural gas for higher value applications.