Concentrating Solar Power

FRENELL’s Multi-Purpose DMS ® Technology

FRENELL is a leading provider of turn-key Concentrating Solar Power solutions. Our proprietary Direct Molten Salt (DMS®) technology, combining Solar Field with integrated Thermal Energy Storage system, delivers clean energy for multi-purposes.
The heat exchanger represents the interface between FRENELL´s DMS® Technology and different steam applications, like Power Generation, Seawater Desalination and Enhanced Oil Recovery. Steam temperatures up to 540°C at pressure levels up to 180 bar (2600 psi) cover the full range of sub critical steam applications.
With customized storage capacity, FRENELL´s system delivers steam on demand – up to 24/7. Our CSP solutions compete with conventional power generation using oil and gas – but are CO2 neutral.

FRENELL – providing solar technology since 2006

For one decade now, the team of FRENELL has continuously improved the cutting edge solar technology and gained valuable experience in project development, execution and after sales services. Read more about the track record of FRENELL.
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